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Product Shelf-life/Storage Evaluation

Can analytical techniques tell you when your product starts to get stale? Let our panelists provide you with key information. Our expert descriptive panelists can utilize their vast product experience to provide information regarding how the flavor of your product changes over time. This information can help you to better understand product shelf-life and/or storage issues.

Below is an example of a table of results that illustrates liking differences in staleness between the Company’s New Snack Product and the Company's Current Snack Product.

Figure 1. Changes in staleness for the Company's New Snack Product compared to the Company's Current Snack Product at 0, 8, 16 and 24 weeks.

Table 1
Data presented only as an example of results generated by the Sensory Analysis Center.

Quick Summary

Although product staleness is present in both snack products at 16 and 24 weeks, the intensity of the staleness is significantly less for the New Snack Product when compared to the Company's Current Snack Product. This finding suggests that consumers may be less likely to notice staleness in the New Snack Product for products 16 weeks of age or older.