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Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive sensory analysis is one of the most comprehensive and informative tools used in sensory analysis. These techniques can provide complete sensory descriptions of products, determine how ingredient or process changes affect product characteristics, and identify key sensory attributes that promote product acceptance. Specific uses for descriptive sensory analysis include:

At the Sensory Analysis Center our descriptive sensory analysis capabilities are internationally recognized. Our panelists have completed 120 hours of intensive training and average more than 1,000 hours of project experience using a variety of sensory methods. We have experience testing a wide range of products, including snack foods, beverages, packaging, pasta, breads, crackers, cookies, cereal, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, condiments, OTC pharmaceuticals, paint finishes, fabrics, paper, hand-care products, cosmetics, pet food and a whole lot more.

Whether we do everything from designing your study to submitting a final report, or just collect data on your products, the Sensory Analysis Center can meet all of your descriptive sensory analysis needs.

Our services include:

  • Project Management: Do you know what information you need, but aren’t sure how to get it, or are too busy to manage the project yourself?
  • Experimental Design: We can reduce your cost by helping you desishowing you the most efficient way to conduct the experiment.
  • Data Collection: Quality, timely data is our first priority.
  • Statistical Analysis: Uncomfortable with statistics? We do it all from means to analysis of variance and multivariate statistics.
  • Result Interpretation: Let us show you how your results relate to the answers you seek.
  • Report Generation: We collate all aspects of the study into one concise and easy to read report.