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Consumer Product Comparison Tests

When it is important to know how your product compares to your competitor's in the eyes of the consumer, a consumer product comparison test can be an effective way to obtain this information. While these tests show how much the products are liked overall, they also can provide insights regarding what product characteristics are driving possible differences in overall liking.

Below is an example of a table of results.

Table 1. Differences in consumer liking for appearance, texture, aroma, flavor, and overall liking using a 9-point scale (1 = not at all, 5 = moderately, and 9 = extremely)

Table 1
Data presented only as an example of results generated by the Sensory Analysis Center.

Quick Summary

Overall consumer liking of the new product is similar to the current market leader and is liked significantly more than both competitor 1 and the company's current product. Both flavor and texture appear to be factors affecting the similarity in overall liking between the new product and the current market leader and the higher liking when compared to competitor 1 and company’s current product.