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Sensory Analysis Center


While much of our work is proprietary, we also conduct research for publications worldwide.

Sample Publications

Bell, B., Adhikari, K, Chambers, E. IV, Cherdchu, P. and Suwonsichon, T. Ethnic food awareness and perceptions of consumers in Thailand and the United States. Nutrition and Food Science, 41: 268 - 277.

Yenket, R., Chambers, E., IV , Adhikari, K. A comparison of seven preference mapping techniques using four software programs. Journal of Sensory Studies, 26: 135 - 150.

Doan, A. R., Chambers, E., IV. 2012. Predicting success for new flavors with information known pre-launch: A flavored snack food case study. Food Quality and Preference, 25: 116 - 120.

Vazquez-Araujo, L., Chambers, D., Carbonell-Barrachina, A. A. 2012. Development of a sensory lexicon and application by an industry trade panel for turron, a European protected product. Journal of Sensory Studies, 27: 26 - 36.

Talavera-Bianchi, M., Chambers, E., IV , Chambers, D. H. 2010. Describing flavor using fewer and simpler "hits" (high identity traits) profiling: an example with cheese. Journal of Sensory Studies, 25: 481 - 493.

Lee, J., Chambers, E., IV , Chambers, D. H., Chun, S. S., Oupadissakoon, C., Johnson, D. E. 2010. Consumer acceptance for green tea by consumers in the United States, Korea and Thailand. Journal of Sensory Studies, 25: S109 - 132.


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