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Consumer Testing Services

The Sensory Analysis Center has experience with a wide range of consumer research, from simple paired product comparison testing to category reviews.  Our experience includes numerous consumer products: foods, beverages, cosmetics, packaging, health care products, fragrances, automobile paint finishes, and many others.

Let us assist you in all aspects of consumer testing, including consumer screening/recruiting, test design, questionnaire development, sample preparation and evaluation, qualitative sessions and quantitative data analysis.

Our services include:

  • Project Management: Do you know what information you need, but aren’t sure how to get it, or are too busy to manage the project yourself?
  • Experimental Design: We can reduce your cost by showing you the most efficient way to conduct the experiment.
  • Data Collection: Quality, timely data is our first priority.
  • Statistical Analysis: Uncomfortable with statistics? We do it all from means to analysis of variance and multivariate statistics.
  • Interpretation: Let us show you how your results relate to the answers you seek.
  • Report Generation: We collate all aspects of the study into one concise and easy to read report.

The tests we can conduct include:

For additional information, please visit our facilities page.

If you have specific consumer testing questions, please contact us directly.