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Kadri Koppel

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Department of Human Nutrition

Professional Biography


2008- 2011, Tallinn University of Technology, Ph.D. Faculty of Chemistry and Materials Technology, Department of Food Processing. Thesis topic: Food Category Appraisal Using Sensory Methods.

2003 - 2005 Tallinn University of Technology, M.Sc, Faculty of Chemistry and Materials Technology, Department of Food Processing. MSc thesis topic: "Structure and Melting Properties of Ice Cream."

1998 – 2003 Tallinn University of Technology, B.Sc, Faculty of Chemistry and Materials Technology, Department of Food Processing. BSc thesis topic: "Optimization of Selenium-Enriched Yeast Production Using Fed-Batch and D-stat Methods."

Research and Professional Experience

01/2014 - now, Kansas State University, College of Human Ecology, Dept of Human Nutrition, Assistant Professor.

03/2012 – 12/2013, Kansas State University, College of Human Ecology, Dept of Human Nutrition, Research Assistant Professor.

01/2008 – 03/2012, Competence Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (Tallinn, Estonia), Sensory Projects Manager.

12/2007 – 02/2008, Rimi Eesti Food AS (Tallinn, Estonia), Quality Control Manager.

06/2004 – 11/2007, Premia Tallinna Külmhoone AS (Ice cream factory, Tallinn, Estonia), Laboratory Manager.

07/2003 - 06/2004 Premia Tallinna Külmhoone AS, Microbiologist.

10/2002 - 07/2003 Taimse Materjali Kontrolli Keskus (Tallinn, Estonia), Chief Specialist.

04/2002 - 09/2002 Salutaguse Yeast Factory (Tallinn, Estonia), Quality Control Engineer.

09/2001 - 03/2002 Lallemand Inc (Montreal, Canada), Laboratory Assistant.


Travel scholarship to Pangborn meeting in Firenze, Italy, July 2009.

Foundation Archimedes scholarship for conducting research at Kansas State University during 03.2009-05.2009.

Foundation Archimedes scholarship for conducting research at Kansas State University during 06.2010-07.2010.

Other Scientific, Teaching, and Organisational Activity

Associate Editor of Journal of Sensory Studies (since 2015).

Member of Editorial Board in Beverages, Journal of Sensory Studies, and Intrnational Journal of Food Science and Technology.

Member of Society of Sensory Professionals since 2010.

Reviewer in multiple journals.

Graduate level class: Sensory Analysis, 3CR, primary instructor.

Graduate level class: Pet Food Sensory Analysis, 2CR, primary instructor.

Graduate level class: Consumer Response Evaluation, 3CR, co-instructor.

Graduate level class: Non-Food Descriptive Analysis, 1CR.

Workshops & Presentations

Koppel, K. November 2014. Kemin Industries presentation: Sensory approach to pet food evaluation.

Koppel, K. April 2014.Petfood Forum. Effect of Baking, Extruding and Raw Ingredient Selection on Pet Food Sensory and Aromatic Properties.

Koppel, K. March 2014. Midwest Meat Processors seminar, Kansas State University. Salt Effect on Flavor of Meat Products.

Koppel, K. August 2013. Pet Food Summit, Kansas State University, Department of Grain Science. Pet Food Sensory Analysis.

Koppel, K., and Chambers, E.IV. June 2013. Society of Cosmetic Chemists Annual Scientific Seminar. Sensory application and removal properties of nail polish.

Koppel, K,. and Chambers, D.H.May 2013.Beef Flavor Workshop. Training for industry and academia. Test considerations and controls.

Koppel, K. April 2013.Petfood Forum. Sensory approach to dry dog food.

Koppel, K. June 2012. AIB Seminar. Sensory evaluation. Training of industry representatives. 

K. Koppel. Introducing sensory analysis and measuring taste threshold, training of industry representatives. May 2009, project ProFit.

K. Koppel. Training of panelists of "Tunnustatud eesti Maitse" (Approved Estonian Taste) quality labels for Estonian Chamber of Commerce. Training included PROP-testing, introduction to descriptive sensory analysis, taste treshold measurements, tongue fungiform papillae counting and a lecture on the use of reference materials. December 2010.

Refereed Publications

Koppel, K., Monti, M., Gibson, M., Alavo, S., Di Donfrancesco, B., Cavalieri Carciofi, A. 2015. The effects of fiber inclusion on pet food sensory characteristics and palatability. Animals, 5, 110-125.

Sun, C., Adhikari, K., Koppel, K. An exploratory study of the factors that may affect female consumers’ buying decision of nail polishes. Cosmetics, accepted for publication June 10th, 2015.

Sun, C., Koppel, K., Adhikari, K. Sensory factors affecting female consumers’ acceptability of nail polish. International Journal of Cosmetic Science. Accepted for publication: June 5th, 2015.

Aldrich, G., Koppel, K. 2015. Pet food palatability evaluation: A review of standard assay techniques and interpretation of results with a primary focus on limitations. Animals 5(1), 43-55.

Anderson, E.; Koppel, K.; IV, E.2015. Chambers. Consumer Evaluation of Processing Variants of Pomegranate Juice. Beverages1, 3-16.

Koppel, K,. Gibson, M., Alavi, S., Aldrich, G. 2014. The Effects of Cooking Process and Meat Inclusion on Pet Food Flavor and Texture Characteristics. Animals 4, no. 2: 254-271.

Koppel, K. Sensory Analysis of Pet Foods. 2014. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. DOI 10.1002/jsfa.6597.

Di Donfrancesco, B., Koppel, K., Swaney-Stueve, M., Chambers, E. IV. 2014. Consumer Acceptance of Dry Dog Food Variations.Animals 4, no. 2: 313-330.

Koppel, K., Timberg, L., Shalimov, R., Vázquez-Araújo, L., Carbonell-Barrachina, A., Di Donfrancesco, B., Chambers, E.IV. Purchase, Storage, and Preparation of Eggs and Poultry in Selected European Countries: A Preliminary Study. British Food Journal, accepted for publication 12 May 2014.

Anderson, E., Koppel, K. 2014. Effect of freezing pomegranate juice to sorbet on flavour. SPISE proceedings 4, 88-93.

Koppel, K., Anderson, E., Chambers, E.IV. 2014. Influence of Processing on Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Juice Flavor and Aroma. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. DOI 10.1002/jsfa.6799.

Gutierrez, N., Koppel, K., Chambers, E.IV. 2014. Food safety practices at home in Neiva consumers. A descriptive comparison with three countries. Rev.Fac.Nal.Agr.Medellín 67(2). Supl. 2, 991-993.

Sun, C., Koppel, K., Chambers, E.IV. 2014. An Initial Lexicon of Sensory Properties for Nail Polish. International Journal of Cosmetic Science 36, 262-272.

Koppel, K., Suwonsichon, S., Chitra, U., Lee, J., Chambers IV, E. 2014. Eggs and Poultry Purchase, Storage, and Preparation Practices of Consumers in Selected Asian Countries. Foods, 3, 110-127.

Koppel, K., Chambers, E.IV., Vázquez-Araújo, L., Timberg, L., Carbonell-Barrachina, A., Suwonsichon, S. 2014. Cross-Country Comparison of Pomegranate Juice Acceptance in Estonia, Spain, Thailand, and United States. Food Quality and Preference, 31, 116-123.

Timberg, L., Koppel, K., Kuldjärv, R., Chambers IV, E., Soontrunnarudrungsri, A., Suwonsichon, S., Paalme, T. 2013. Seasoned Sprat Products Acceptance in Estonia and Thailand. Jornal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, In Press.

Timberg, L., Koppel, K., Kuldjärv, R., Paalme, T. Spice-cured sprats ripening and Sensory Properties Development. Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, In Press.

Chambers, E. IV, Koppel, K. 2013. Associations of Volatile Compounds with Sensory Aroma and Flavor: The Complex Nature of Flavor. Molecules 18, 4887-4905.

Koppel, K., Adhikari, K., Di Donfrancesco, B. 2013. Volatile Compounds in Dry Dog Foods and Their Influence on Sensory Aromatic Profile. Molecules 18, 2646-2662.

Di Donfrancesco, B., Koppel, K., Chambers, E.IV. 2012. An Initial Lexicon for Sensory Properties of Dry Dog Food. Journal of Sensory Studies, 27, 498-510.

K. Koppel, D. H. Chambers. 2012. Flavor comparison of natural cheeses manufactured in different countries. Journal of Food Science 77, S177-187.

L. Timberg, K. Koppel, R. Kuldjarv, T. Paalme. Spice-cured sprats ripening and Sensory Properties Development. Accepted May 2012, Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology.

K. Koppel, E. Chambers IV, D. H. Chambers. 2011. Flavour and acceptance of Estonian cheeses. Agronomy Research, Special Issue 2, 409-414.

L. Timberg, K. Koppel, R. Kuldjärv, T. Paalme. 2011. Sensory and chemical properties of Baltic sprat (Sprattus sprattus balticus) and Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras) in different catching seasons. Agronomy Research, Special Issue 2, 489-494.

L. Timberg, R. Kuldjärv, K. Koppel, T. Paalme. 2011. Rainbow trout composition and fatty acid content in Estonia. Agronomy Research Special Issue 2, 495-500.

K. Koppel, L. Timberg, A. Salumets, T. Paalme. 2011. Possibility for a Strawberry Jam Sensory Standard. J Sensory Stud 26: 71-80.

L. Vázquez-Araújo, K. Koppel, E. Chambers IV, K. Adhikari, A. A. Carbonell-Barrachina. 2011. Instrumental and Sensory Aroma Profile of Pomegranate Juices from the US: Differences between Fresh Juice and Commercial Juices. Flavour Fragr J 26: 129–138.

K. Koppel and E. Chambers IV. 2010. Development and Application of a Lexicon to Describe the Flavor of Pomegranate Juice. J Sensory Stud 25: 819-837.


2011 July, short course in University of Dresden Medical School: "Summerschool on Human Olfaction V."

2011 May, short course in Wageningen University: "Sensory Perception and Food Preference" organised by VLAG Graduate School.

2010 March, Dr. Hal Macfie course "Hands on Preference Mapping and Consumer Trials Statistics Course."

2009 October, Short course in Helsinki University: "New Directions of Sensory Food Research" organised by prof Hely Tuorila.

2008 October, Camo Software 3-day course: Multivariate Data Analysis.

2006. Metrosert 1-day course: ISO 22000.

2006. Estonian Standardisation Agency 1-day course: Quality Management Systems.

2005. Tallinn Technical University 3-day course: Food Hygiene, HACCP.

2005. Estonian Standardisation Agency 1-day course: Customer Complaints Based on the ISO 10002.